Saturday, September 05, 2009

They're baaaaaaaaack . . . the Teabaggers are on the march again

But the New Boston Tea Party hardly offers the kind of reasoned, respectable opposition that the Tea Party Patriots attempt to embody. Currently, the site's lead item -- about the president's planned speech to school kids next week -- is entitled "Dr. Barack Goebbels Obama, Chief Reichmaster Tuesday September 8, 2009." Another recent post, based on the false "death panel" rumor, discusses Nazi doctor Josef Megele's human experiments on concentration camp inmates, before declaring: "WE NOW HAVE ANOTHER DR. MENGELE, AKA BARACK HUSSEING (sic) BARACK MENGELE."

I mean it's not like I need to make this shit up, or scour obscure underground websites for my posting material. It's right there, out in the open. And what makes it dangerous is that it's willfully coddled and supported by mainstream Republicanism, and even more sinister, given attention (ergo credence) by the mainstream media.

So now it's been announced that the Teabaggers are going to have their own tantrum, er march, on Washington. Yippeeee skippeeee! Oh I tremble in feverish anticipation of such a pathetically grotesque spectacle! Lol.

Hmmmmm -- an evil librul thought just entered my mind. I'm thinking that if I were of the average Teabagger mentality, and I knew that a whole bunch of losers whom I intensely dislike were going to be gathered in one place at the same time . . . . . . . oh nevermind - good thing I'm not of their mentality - lol.

Anyhow, I have no doubt that there will some prime nutcase video and pictures to come out of that little gathering of insane asylum escapees. Should be fun stuff.


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