Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Let's talk about it . . .

Have the inmates truly taken over the Republican Asylum? And if so, what are the consequences and how do we address it?

This is a subject near and dear to my heart. Not foremost because I've been making observations about it for several years here on this blog, but because I do see it as a critical cultural, ideological and moral battle where the outcome has significant potential for determining the future existence of this country's democratic republic.

Although it's somewhat comforting to see an issue which I and many other lonely voices have been sounding the alarm on for some time finally getting deserved attention with those in the mainstream media who have a much larger audience to converse with, honestly speaking, my view is basically that that apocalyptic, fundamentalist nut-ball locomotive has long since left the train station and the only way to stop it is to sabotage the rails it's running on.

Keith Olbermann and journalist Dan Savage have an open discussion about some fellow Americans whom, quite frankly, I fear more than the Bin-Ladens of the world.


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