Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A matter of trust . . .

If anyone can explain to me in detail the credentials that Liz Cheney has on the subject of health care reform, I'd sure be interested in hearing what they are. We already know that dear Lizzy has been stormtrooping all of the major television and cable talking head shows these past couple of months propping up the lies and corruption of her father, former VP Dick Cheney. If she will lie through her teeth about that subject, why would anyone in their right fucking mind trust her to deal honestly with the debate on health care reform?

Just asking.

Every second of airtime that these cable and t.v. news shows provide to Liz Cheney to spout off and dissemble unchallenged about health care reform, is simply additional supportive evidence that the mainstream media has utterly and completely lost any credibility on the subject and cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted to give the American people an opportunity at participating in a fair and honest discussion of a very critical issue affecting a great many people.

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