Thursday, February 18, 2010

I heard the conservanuts were gathered together this week for a teabagging smug-fest. Oh -- looky here, somebody already found some YouTube video of the smarmy bastard's circle jerk:

Wow .. Obama experimented with drugs when he was young. The horror!! Lol. Even more hilarious when you consider the fact that two of the right's current heroes of the hour not only have drug use pasts, but both, unlike Mr. Obama, ended up doing stints in rehab:

Rush Limpballs -- hillbilly heroin addict who plead guilty to Doctor shopping for his drugs

Glenn Beck -- cocaine and booze addict with a stint in rehab

You see - this is why conservatives will slowly but surely ratfuck themselves into political irrelevancy eventually. They are humorless hypocrites who when looking in the mirror consistently see the words "paragon of virtue" stamped smack across their stupid sloping foreheads staring back at themselves.


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