Saturday, February 20, 2010

Warriors in battle against The Big Lie Machine of the Right . . .

This is one of my favorite sites to visit - simply to see what sorts of atrocities the right wing nuts are spewing onto the media airwaves on any given day, or in reality, at any given hour.

Media Matters has been documenting the conservative lies and media disinformation for several years now. They've been threatened with defamation and slander lawsuits (of which not a one has ever been initiated of course) and yet they consistently churn out some of the most damning evidence of of right-wing flim-flammery around.

The best part of what they do is they provide unedited video and audio evidence of the lying weasels on the right -- and that just drives the wingnuts crazy. The wingers just fucking hate it when they spew a lie or deliberately misinform and somebody gets it on tape and confronts them about it. Media Matters performs that job very, very competently.

Good job guys -- keep it up -- what you do is important.


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