Thursday, February 18, 2010

So how'd that compassionatey, conservativey thing work out for y'all?

Before angry voters restore Republicans to power -- in the name of "tea party populism" -- perhaps they should consider just how well right-wing rule worked out for them during the past decade. Last fall a Census Bureau study found that real median household income had declined from $52,500 in 2000, the last year that Bill Clinton was president, to $50,303 in 2008, George W. Bush's final year -- a period during which Republicans dominated Congress as well. Millions of those median households lost their health insurance (and, since the onset of the Great Recession, many of those same families have lost jobs as well).

Joe Conason points out the obvious, obese elephant in the room. And when I use the word "obvious" I am referring solely to those of us who've actually been paying attention to what's been going on in politics since the black-robed coup of 2000. I reference that sordid affair because that truly was the genesis of America's downward spiral into the financial quagmire that it's presently immersed in. It was a decade of conservative Republican governing dominance and that fact is indisputable. Conason's point in a nutshell is -- the American middle and working class incomes and quality of life didn't just stagnate during the decade conservatives were predominantly in power, they putrefied.

So frankly, why anyone with an iota of detectable intelligence, is of the opinion that restoring the levers of governmental power to the right-wing assklowns that drove the "we the people" bus off the cliff to begin with would be the antidote to this country's economic paralysis at this stage of the nightmare, is infinitely beyond my level of comprehension.

Read Conason's piece.


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