Friday, February 19, 2010

Patriotism: the last refuge of a fucktard . . .

It appears that the right-wingers are jerking themselves off into an ecstatic, orgasmic frenzy over the deadly terrorist attack on the IRS building in Austin, TX yesterday:

Bob Schulz, founder of the anti-government We the People Foundation, said that while he only advocates non-violent means of protest, he can understand Stack's motives and said it is a reflection of a movement unlike any he's ever seen.

"There's a huge patriot movement," Schulz said. "I've been doing this kind of work for 30 years. Never have I seen the likes of what's going on now. It's delightful."

Yes BillyBob -- how fucking "delightful" it is for the 2 innocent workers who showed up at their place of employment only to have their lives snuffed out in an unsuspecting nano-second all because some "patriot" doesn't like paying his taxes. And how "delightful" that the husbands/wives, children, parents, siblings, and friends of the murdered must be feeling this fine day.

Have I ever mentioned what a bunch of wretched fucking losers I think right-wingers are?

Just saying . . .


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