Saturday, February 06, 2010

Meeting of the minds -- one small, one not so small . . .

There was a lot of static in the blogosphere air this past week about Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show strolling in to enemy territory and doing a 2 night sit down interview with Fox's Bill O'Reilly.

True to form, Fox edited and cut the interview in a feverish, yet fruitless effort to make big head O'Reilly appear as if he held his own in the back and forth intellectual fisticuffs with Stewart.

Fortunately Fox posted the entire, unedited interview on their website and some enterprising bloggers downloaded it and excerpted the exchanges that didn't make it on the air for the Fox zombie viewers to see.

Here's a clip with a couple of those exchanges:

Now you know why Fox decided to leave those portions of the interview on the cutting room floor. I highly doubt that a Dick Cheney interview would get the same judiciously abridged treatment. For Fox it's all about controlling the message to their sheep.


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