Saturday, February 06, 2010

Teabaggers Inc. - A soon to be wholly owned subsidiary of the GOP

From the never would have guessed it department:
In a bid to advance the tea party movement from holding rallies to holding office, the leaders of the anti-establishment groups announced a new political organization Friday that they say will "endorse, support and elect" conservatives across the country.

I honestly cannot fathom how anyone who pays studious attention to this stuff was wholeheartedly of the belief that the Teabagger movement was truly a genuine "grassroots" movement that transcended both party and ideology. If you were of that belief, I can only surmise you are either a disingenuous tool or a clueless clod.

To reduce it to it's base element - the Teabaggers are simply fucking pissed, to the detriment of their own mental health, that the skinny Democratic mulatto from Chicago pummeled the war hero and his fundamentalist, hockey mom sidekick in the last election. That's it kids. That is the unadulterated, uncomplicated genesis of Teabaggerdom.

"But krazee!" some will say, -- "the Teabaggers are America loving patriots who just want the best for their country!" And to that woeful plea I would respond politely but firmly in quoting the inimitable Colonel Sherman Potter -- "Horse Hockey!"

The same people that are currently running around with Obama is Hitler, Obama is a commie, Obama is a Muslim foreigner, Obama wants to tax you to death, and Obama wants to kill your grandpa and grandma signs are the same fucking people who stood by silently during the first 8 years of the new millenium wearing their made in China American flag lapel pins, waving their made in Taiwan mini-American flags and blissfully watched and cheered as Bush, Cheney and the GOP rat-fucked this country into it's present state of dysfunctional impotence.

So yeah, even though I'm just as pissed as the next guy at what's happened to our economy and a host of other issues, call me a cynical bastard for not having an iota of interest in hitching my wagon to the Teabagger mule team. The bottom line is that all available evidence at this juncture indicates that the leadership ranks of these Teabagging assklowns are in it for themselves and they are nothing more than a bunch of soulless, hateful, closet John Bircher foot soldiers in servitude to the destructive, regressive, and hopefully some day in the not too distant future, irrelevant movement they represent --- right wing conservatism.

Prove me wrong...

...if you can.


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