Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"We have met the enemy and he is us." -- prescient comic strip character Pogo

This is why I worry for the future of my country:

About 39 percent of Republicans think Obama should be impeached, and 29 percent aren't sure. This might be because 63 percent think he's a socialist, and only 42 percent think he was born in the United States.

More than 50 percent of Republicans think Sarah Palin is better qualified than Barack Obama to be president. About 24 percent believe Obama wants the terrorists to win, and 21 percent think Acorn stole the 2008 election (55 percent aren't sure). A solid 31 percent think Obama is "a racist who hates white people" and -- the coup de grace -- 23 percent think their state should secede from the United States.

Nearly 40% of Republicans think Obama should be impeached?? Really?? I'd love to hear all about the high crimes and misdemeanors Barack Obama has committed during his first year in office. What a scintillating discussion that would be no doubt. Speaking of "committed", I've become thoroughly convinced that is what needs to happen to about half of the Americans who still call themselves Republicans. Committed to an asylum for the fucking incurably insane.

Good lord these people are truly and scarily divorced from reality - much more than I had believed them to be!

I don't know -- maybe it's just me, and if so, that's fine - wouldn't be the first time. But honestly - this clip from Dr. Strangelove is, I think, a fairly accurate depiction of the mindset of your average far right, conservative, lizard brain Republican these days. Stanley Kubrick must have had some magical crystal ball that he used to peer into the future to get a glimpse of the present fear-mongering era of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. How else could he have come up with that General Jack D. Ripper character and that wonderful idea for a movie?

Just saying . . .


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