Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ft. Hood tragedy

**UPDATE** :Officials are reporting that the 2 other suspects that were arrested have been released and that the shooter appears to have acted alone. They also report that the shooter was a Major who worked in the Army as a psychiatrist specializing, ironically, in traumatic stress conditions who was given a recent poor performance review and also was upset about pending deployment orders sending him to Iraq.

Well -- that kinda changes the whole post-incident analysis dynamic a bit if you ask me. Sounds like the guy just fucking snapped. Still though, look for the right-wing nuts to embellish the story (due to the guy's name) into some sort of Jihadi revenge type of deal. Anything to feed the hungry hate maw of their zombie followers.


I'm witholding any extended commentary on this incident pending additional details from military and civilian police authorities.

One early report
has the primary shooter (who reportedly was shot dead by civilian police) as having the name of Major Malik Nadal Hasan. Two other soldiers are being held in custody as being potential accomplices and their names have yet to be released. Purportedly all 3 were in the process of deploying to Iraq.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that based on that one tidbit of unconfirmed information alone, the right-wing blogosphere is at this very moment in the throes of spastic, blood curdling rage and gearing up their mighty bullshit wurlitzer to politicize the tragedy before the dead have even gone into rigor mortis.

I guess it's behavior that is to be expected though from the great minds who earlier today in our nation's capitol were running around with signs comparing health care reform efforts to the Nazi Holocaust.

Anyhow -- setting all of that idiocy aside, the sad reality is that the Ft. Hood incident is undoubtedly a senseless, horrific tragedy on many human levels.

And although I have no confidence that it will occur, let's hope that the assklowns on the right for once will demonstrate a sliver of common decency and restrain themselves and their rabid keyboard kommandos from manipulating the event for their own ideological gain.


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