Tuesday, November 03, 2009

GOP Rep. : Health care reform is a bigger threat than any terrorist right now in any country!

Health care reform is a "bigger threat" than any terrorist right now in any country?

Really Congresswoman?

Is this what all my conservative friends truly believe as well?

If so, why aren't you all advocating for clandestine intelligence operations against the 60% of we Americans who are in favor of a public option in health care?

How about Gulags for us evil socialist liberals who believe that access to affordable health care is a basic human right?

How about mass roundups and public executions for anyone daring to publicly propagate the concept that it is immoral for an individual or a family to be financially ruined and made destitute by medical bills emanating from a catastrophic illness or injury?

Ladies and Gentlemen -- this is the degenerate, callous mindset of your modern-day Republican party/conservative movement in action and frankly, if you are in agreement with Rep. Foxx, I honestly would have a difficult time referring to you as a "fellow American."


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