Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tellers of Tall Tales They Are . . . .

The conserva-klowns are claiming that there were "about a million" patriotic Teabaggers fighting for freedom on the steps of the Capitol today.

That almost, but not quite, matches up with the Capitol Hill PD's assessment of around 4000. IMFAO!

Oh -- and as it so happens there's a couple of wide-angle photos of the colossal gathering (darn that meddling modern technology!) - check 'em out:


Yep -- looks like a million to me. Oh wait . . . I was looking at the wrong picture. I was looking at a picture of Obama's pre-inauguration - IMFAO!

As I've noted previously -- if anything, the conservanuts do provide an endless supply of blogging comedic material. Ya gotta love 'em for that. Lol.


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