Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hate to say I told you so . . . . . but I told you so . . .

Well -- I most certainly nailed that one didn't I?

Within nano-seconds of the story hitting the cable tv airwaves, the right-wing nuts were foaming at the mouth all over the intertubes claiming that the obviously tragic Ft. Hood shooting was a coordinated, terrorist Jihad incident.

And not content to wait until all the facts have been disseminated, the conservatard keyboard kommandos are all geared up for war and ready go in to battle against the evil A-rab enemy. Of course the laughable truth is, the vast majority of these flag-waving conservative loudmouths are much too cowardly to actually go down to their nearest Army or Marines recruiting station to sign up for Mid-East combat duty, but why let annoying little things like true honor and courage ruin some good political theatrics right?

Anyhow, irony of all irony -- Fox News' Shepard Smith interviewed a cousin of Nadal Malik Hasan who basically states that he was not a Muslim convert. He was American born and educated and brought up in the faith of his family - Muslim. The cousin also stated that Hasan had grown increasingly agitated recently by ongoing verbal and mental abuse from fellow soldiers over his Muslim faith as well as an incident where fellow soldiers had vandalized his vehicle - with some sort of message aimed at his faith. Apparently he was attempting to get out of the military because of what he felt was a hostile environment.

So -- as horrible and senseless as the shooting act was, the right-wing nuts wet dream of it being a coordinated, Osama Bin-Laden/Al Qaeda sponsored, Jihadi attack is just that -- their wet dream. Turns out the truth is much simpler and perhaps even more disturbing. It appears he might have just been some Army soldier who had some rotten shit going on in his life and who may have been badgered and bullied into snapping. And as the writer of the link above notes -- just look back at Columbine to see a clear example of what happens when bullied people go over the edge.


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