Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The primary motive behind krazee's admiration for Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson...

Remember last month when Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson made his all-too truthful statement about how the Republican's health care plan was basically to tell people - "don't get sick!" And their backup plan was, "if you do get sick, die quickly?"

And remember how the conservatards and the wing nuts stomped their little feet and screamed bloody murder about what a big ol' meanie Grayson was for picking on them and saying mean, bad things about them? And they demanded that Grayson's mommy and daddy Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid give Alan Grayson a spanking, make him grovel and beg forgiveness from the Republicans and send him to his room without supper?

And so what did Alan Grayson do? Well, to put it bluntly, he told the Republicans and Rush and Hannity and Beck and O'Reilly and the rest of the right-wing screechers, one and all, to go fuck themselves.

Remember that? I do. And I'll never forget it, because it was a classic lesson in how to deal with phony, asshole hypocrites.

And it's why I cheered Grayson on lustily.

And I did so and will do so again because of a long, long line of infinitely more vile statements made by conservatives such as the one this week from Republican Virginia Foxx (see yesterday post) who stated on the floor of the House, "health care reform is a bigger threat right now than any terrorist in any country."

And then today we have the assklown Republican from Georgia (notice how most of these rabid wing nut politicians are from the south?) Paul Broun stating (see video clip below) on the floor of the House that health care reform is going to "destroy America as we know it today."

Imagine that! Health care reform is going to destroy America! Our country has endured a Revolution, a civil war, 2 world wars, a nuclear-tipped cold war, umpteen run of the mill wars, a great depression (with maybe a 2nd in progress), and the election of a bumbling, dumb as a box of rocks puppet President (GW Bush) and his puppetmaster VP, the war-mongering real life Dr. StrangeLove Dick Cheney.

Imagine that!

We've survived all of that krap. Yet now here we stand -- on the brink of unbridled annihilation (if the wingnuts are to be believed) all because of a modest, albeit agressive effort by a bunch of dirty fucking hippies to provide basic, affordable health care to all American citizens. Who would have thunk it?

And that's why I cheer on the Alan Graysons. Not because he's a Democrat, but because he calls assholes like Virginia Foxx and Paul Broun assholes and when they bitch and moan about it and demand apologies he comes right back out and calls them knuckle-dragging, neanderthal assholes. Simple...As...That!


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