Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tea-Baggers Storm Capitol! Hunt for Pelosi Begins! Lol.

The red-faced (or red necked - or both) Teabaggers are forming a posse on the steps of the nation's capitol this morning. They're in hot pursuit of a notorious outlaw and perennial right-wing villain -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Apparently Pelosi has been fingered as the miserable varmint solely responsible for the current economic crisis in America and the Teabaggers are on the hunt and looking to have a good 'ol fashioned necktie party. IMAO.

The reason I mercilessly mock the tea-baggers is quite uncomplicated.

These fuck's voices were nowhere to be heard while the GOP (6 years of control of all 3 branches of government under Bush) and their heroes George W. Bush and Dick Cheney took a $236 billion surplus left by Bill Clinton, snoozed while Al Qaeda attacked us, turned around and attacked the wrong country based on trumped up intelligence, and spent not only Clinton's surplus with their disastrous Iraq adventure, but then mortgaged and re-mortgaged this country's financial future by expanding the war in Iraq while simultaneously getting us mired in another costly, unwinnable conflict in Afghanistan.

Add to that the fact that the Teabagger's heroes stood by haplessly and watched as a major American city drowned in a hurricane, passed major tax cuts during a time of war that went almost exclusively to the wealthiest elites, fought tooth and nail to oppose any oversight of the Wall Street robber barons and their accomplices in crime the big-money bankers, and basically viewed the Constitution as a roll of toilet paper that was used to wipe the neo-con shit from their fascist sphincters all in the name of fighting "the global war on terror."

And yet, to hear the Teabaggers tell it, the current state of economic woe in this country is entirely the fault of that that evil, Murrika-hatin' Nancy Pelosi for having the unmitigated gall to propose a public (Medicare) option in the health care reform bill whose cost over 10 years will be a fraction of the taxpayer money that has already spent down the shit-hole on Bush's tax cuts, Iraq, Afghanistan and Bush's Wall Street bailouts.

To sum it up -- the level of rank stupidity that is required to believe the buffoonish nonsense being spewed by the Teabaggers necessitates that one suspend belief in grounded concepts like truth and facts and make the suicidal leap of faith from reality-based thinking to fantasy and delusion.

And therefore I mock the Teabaggers and will continue to mock them and will enjoy mocking them. And if they don't like it I'll double up on the amount of mockery. And if I die tomorrow, I'll fucking mock them from my grave.


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